Saint Athanasius Baseball has been a part of the Bensonhurst community for over 60 years.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusion program, meaning children of all abilities are welcome to join.  Children ranging from age 3 to age 14 all have the opportunity to be part of our program. We have a multitude of different skill levels and age groups that our kids get to choose from. 

We are a widely recognized program and have proudly put many of our athletes on the path to play on both high school and college baseball teams, with some of our most recent athletes receiving division 2 and division 3 scholarships! 

Our private complex is located at 2052 53rd street. 
Within our complex there are 3 different fields for all players up to age 12, ensuring that every athlete has a chance to play!   


Our youngest athletes, our 3 and 4 year olds, are part of our Instructional Division. 
In this division we teach our athletes the most basic baseball skills. All athletes start somewhere and this is a great first step!  The Instructional Division meets once a week, on weekends.    


Our 5 and 6 year old athletes make up the Coach Pitch Division.
This is where we start to advance children, by splitting them into teams (4 or more), and allowing them to play against each other.  Each game we play is 3 to 5 innings, and the coaches pitch to the children. We don’t keep score, and no standings are kept. The Coach Pitch Division usually meets twice a week, mostly on weekends.  Coaches of these teams may also schedule practices between games.

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Our In-house baseball has 3 separate divisions:

  • The Rookie Division is made up of our 7 and 8 year old athletes
  • The Minors Division is made up of our 9 and 10 year old athletes
  • The Majors Division is made up of our 11 and 12 year old athletes

These ages and divisions might vary year to year based on our enrollment.  


In these divisions, athletes play twice a week, and coaches will usually hold practice one other day, so athletes should be prepared to be active 3 times a week.  In these divisions scores are kept, and standings are kept and updated.


Our Travel Baseball team, is made up of our most experienced athletes aged 8 through 14.  These teams are chosen during the winter tryouts that all players go through. These teams will play in some of the most competitive leagues throughout the Tri-State area, as well as travel to many out of state tournaments.


Softball is growing fast here at St. Athanasius!  We have both in-house teams, which play in local leagues around the area, as well as a high end travel teams that participates in leagues all over NY and NJ.  Similar to baseball, the travel softball teams are chosen through tryouts, and all athletes have the option to play in house as well.


2154 61st Street Brooklyn, NY 11204